International Tax

International Audit and Accounting Services

Accounting standards differ significantly between the United States and other countries. Companies doing business in the global marketplace need a CPA and consulting firm that is experienced in working with these international auditing and accounting requirements. Through our international association of independent peer firms in more than 100 countries, HLB Gravier, LLP delivers assurance services that meet US or International Standards. Through our international association of independent peer firms in more than 100 countries, we can coordinate audits of your affiliates worldwide, under International Standards or on a local statutory basis, and arrange to have such financial information converted to a consistent basis of accounting for consolidation purposes. Our assurance services take into consideration the unique operating conditions you face in other countries.

  • International audit
  • Internal audit services
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • International due diligence
  • International financial reporting
  • Local accounting services
  • Local business solutions

As a member of HLB International, we can call on experienced member firm partners in virtually every business market worldwide to handle multi-national assignments varying enormously in size and complexity. You gain worldwide reach and experience, while maintaining domestic relationships and expertise.