Corporate Finance

Every corporate finance deal brings a specific set of challenges requiring specialist knowledge and experience.  HLB Gravier, LLP, provides businesses with corporate finance advice and support across a range of issues, drawing on the resources, expertise and experience from around the world.

Choosing the right adviser to execute a corporate finance assignment efficiently, while protecting confidentiality, is the key to success.  Clients need a full range of services – from company valuation to identifying and screening prospects. Knowing the pitfalls and potential problems, spotting and capitalizing on strengths – while safeguarding against weaknesses – can make the difference between a successful and a poor deal.

Specialist from within the HLB Gravier, LLP network can identify investors and work with local or foreign advisers to conclude a transaction.  They can also advise on the most suitable source of private equity and ensure support from foreign investors.

Initial Public Offerings – IPOs

Advising on the benefits and duties on raising capital from a regulated stock exchange. HLB Gravier, LLP through HLB INTERNATIONAL’s global coverage means that a member firm leading an IPO, can work with colleagues across the world to execute transactions where understanding and knowledge of the local stock exchange is vital.

International Merger, Acquisition and Joint Venture Activity

Sale of business: Getting the best price is frequently the primary consideration, although of increasing importance are issues such as strategic fit, long term growth and sustained employment.


Corporate acquisitions are time consuming and therefore effective planning is the key to success.  If the target business has not been identified, access to an effective database and local knowledge is important.

Joint Venture Partners

Completing an agreement with a foreign JV partner demands knowledge of local laws and customs as well as verification of the integrity and substance of potential partners.  Our network means that these services are available around the world.

Due Diligence

All aspects of corporate finance involve due diligence when operations and management are examined and material facts verified.  Member firm specialists regularly undertake due diligence for clients.