In your business, it takes years of practice to hone your talent before you ever go on stage or up to bat. Whatever sport or instrument you play, it takes a plan to win. The same is true in your financial life.  Professional athletes and artists who plan for the future at the beginning of their careers are more likely to enjoy their wealth long after they retire.  We at HLB GRAVIER, LLP understand that and have developed an in-depth understanding of the particular financial challenges faced by you through out your career.

Business Consulting

  • Business Consulting
  • Acquisition
  • Due-Diligence

Financial Advice

  • Analysis and Structuring of Memorabilia and Marketing Contracts
  • Coordination with Outside Attorneys for Real Estate Transactions
  • Generation of Quarterly Personal Financial Statements

Comprehensive Tax and Estate Planning


  • Tax Planning and Compliance (Domestic and International)
  • Establishing Domicile to Reduce Tax
  • Establishment of Corporations/LLC
  • Tax Structuring of Contract Income (critical during Free Agency Period)
  • Central Withholding Agreements
  • Tax Treaty Analysis
  • Comprehensive knowledge of industry specific tax laws and accounting methods

Estate Planning

  • Trusts and Estate
  • Establishment of Charitable Foundations
  • Gift Tax

New Ventures

  • Business plan development and strategy
  • Back office operation development
  • Market research and Analysis
  • Information Technology Consulting

Concierge Services

  • Bill Paying and Bookkeeping
  • Budget and Annual Goal Setting
  • Private Aircraft and vessel purchase analysis and structuring
  • Bank Account Establishment
  • Mail forwarding Service