As well as meeting your statutory reporting obligations, our audit and assurance team is proactive in helping you reduce risk and drive forward your business strategy. Our pragmatic, hands-on approach helps you improve your business performance – by challenging assumptions and resolving commercial issues that could be holding your business back.

We will help you to:

  • Add value to your business by using the audit as a basis to identify and resolve commercial issues and to improve your business processes.
  • Use the understanding and insight gained from the audit as a basis for helping you develop strategies to drive your business forward.
  • Reduce risk and improve your organizational performance by challenging existing assumptions and practices.
  • Secure peace of mind from knowing your statutory obligations are met, accounts are true and potential problems have been identified early on.

We believe that an audit should have the highest integrity and add value, giving an honest assessment of your business. Our audit approach is tailored to the commercial needs and capabilities of your business. We provide a trustworthy and reliable service, which is delivered by a team of commercially minded specialists who understand your industry.
We aim to make our audit efficient and effective by designing it around your needs. Below are the main features of a our audit objectives:

  • Industry-specific audit that is tailored to your requirements and the specific risks relevant to your business.
  • Keep you informed about changing regulations that might affect your business. Statutory reporting requirements are constantly changing, but our technical updates and seminars will keep you on top of the legislation.
  • A clear presentation of your audited accounts and financial position provides confidence and financial reassurance to management and shareholders
  • Recommendations for improving processes. We provide more than just a compliance service: using the understanding gained from the audit, we provide you with the management information necessary to make effective decisions.
  • We always strive to make practical recommendations to improve business performance and reduce risk.

Our experienced professionals respect your operational needs and understand that during an audit your business must continue. While on site, we seek to minimize disruption whilst being friendly, professional and efficient. Your audit team will have in-depth understanding of your business and your industry and will use state-of-the-art computerized audit techniques to assess risk and focus their work on the key areas of your financial statements.